Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the person inside of me trying to scream...

have you ever felt like there was a person inside you screaming to find their way out?? well...i currently having that issue...i really can't express it or even go in to detail as to what or why i have this issue...i guess i have a lot on my mind and i really don't know how to say it?? who knows...maybe i'll figure it out...eventually!!


Friday, August 13, 2010


you know you go through certain tests in life, some make you stronger while others make you feel how much longer am i under the spotlight?? i'm going nuts...i have so much on my mind that i dare not talk about...some of which could wreck lives while others it'll just piss them off. i'm so tired of a lot, i'm so tired of so much stuff that it's ridiculous. i have never in my life been sooooo exhausted...when is it going to ease for me?? can life actually go as i want it to for a change and just let me be happy without any worries whatsoever??? ahhh someone get me a cigarette...

dee :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

i'm sick of it...

so...never did i have to worry about money before, until now...the stupid doctor that i worked for kept me from getting unemployment so i'm starting from scratch all over again. it upsets me to know that i can't get things for my baby like she wants. it upsets me to know when money is needed for the important things, i don't always have it...where is my winning lottery ticket?? i need it right now so i can give my baby and her girls the world and of course pay off my debts. uggghhhh come on now!!!

dee :)